Lt Col (Ret) Cecil Allan Turner (4th Platoon)

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2Lt Cecil Turner, 1 Plt Cmdr, Eco 2nd Bn 5th Marines, Arizona Territory, Quang Nam Provience RVN 1969. Eco 2nd Bn 5th Marines Plt. Cmdrs: 2Lt Cecil Turner, 1 Plt (Nco); 2Lt Ken Shipley, 3 Plt (Nco); 2nd Lt Tim Klie, 2 Plt; An Hoa RVN 1969. Nco 2nd Lts Joe Sloan, Cecil Turner, Jerry Troxler, DaNang RVN, 1969. Lt Col Cecil Turner, CounterIntel Officer, Camp Rilea, Oregon 1988 (last USMCR post). Aboard Seattle Fire Boat w/wife Joan and Mike Besco, Space and Naval Warfare Center. Dr Allan Turner (George Mason U.), Trent Depersia (Homeland Security) at Oxford U., England.