• Head Honcho Maj Gen Jack A. Davis (1st Platoon) ( for dispute resolution (828-817-1013).
  • Treasurer James DuBose (1st Platoon) ( for reunion fund information (770-331-2546).
  • Chief Cook and Bottle Washer Ed Browder (1st Platoon) ( for staff assistance (540-230-4203).
  • Ass't Chief Cook and Bottle Washer Danny Hovanesian (2nd Platoon) ( for most anything (617-448-8206).
  • Chief Marine Locator Extraordinaire Grant Smith ( for help with search techniques for finding lost brothers (254-681-4189).
  • Webmaster Tom Browder ( for corrections or suggested improvements to this site (850-830-8078).

Platoon Guides (for site password and other matters)