Via Grant Smith: Sadly, just learned of the August 2020 death of Melvyn R. "Mel" Prager. See the Memorial page for details.


Added contact data updates from Grant. Note some names have both street addresses as well as PO Box numbers.


Via Grant Smith: Sadly, just learned of the December 2018 death of Lt Col (Ret) Barry Clark. See the Memorial page for details.


Added updates from Grant Smith. TBS platoon commanders added to the list of Marines.


Added pics from Pat Normanly.


Updated website after Head Shed organizing telecon yesterday--see reunion details page. A picture of the Memorial Plaque has been added to the KIA Memorial page.


Sadly, just found out about the May 2018 death of Lt Col (Ret) George Converse. See the Memorial page for details.


Updated format of the registration and registered attendees pages.


Corrected unit data for KIA 2nd Lt Fred Hartman.


New menu look: New page added to show names and number of guests for registered Marines.


Reunion details updated, including special pricing on the Roster page (stats and layout), Military Tartan clothes special pricing (Home page), and registrants (Roster and Private pages).


Reunion details updated, including RSVP page, cost, attire, and registrants.


Grant provided updated contact info for the following:

  • Amos, James H. "Jim"
  • Chester, Gilbert W. "Wally"
  • Courtney, Wayne L.
  • Demings, Brian W.
  • O'Brien, Frederick M. "Fred" Jr.
  • Prager, Melvyn R. "Mel"

Grant added that he and his searchers are still looking for Richard W. Loveland.

Updated site with two pages of reunion info: details and RSVP (with a link for registration).
New UA Jarhead: Wayne L. Courtney.

Added photos from Mike Jackson.

Added photos from Tom Glenn, Charlie Minor, and Jeff Ronald.

Thanks to GW Smith and and researcher Dave Peters (TBS Class A Co 1-68) and their tracker team, all our brother Marines have been found. The rosters have been updated with all the latest contact data (or deceased dates.

More classmates found or data updated:
  • Since the last update the following classmates have been found: Gilchrist M. "Chris" Gibson; Gary Wayne Basham; Charles E. Chuck Gang; and William Joseph "Bill" Sheridan, Jr.
  • Brian "Recon" Riley updated his data. He added decorations, wife'c mobile number, and a website URL.
  • Robert Palisay updated his data. He's retired and going to the 2018 reunion with wife.
  • Date of death for Rex Foster corrected to 22 July 2003.
  • Added to the UA Jarheads! list: James B. "Tommy" Thompson.

Only twenty-two more classmates left to find!

D. W. Peters (and Grant) found another live one (and with a major name correction):
  • Thomas J. Glenn (originally and erroneously listed as Timothy J. Jr.).

Only twenty-four more classmates left to find!

  • Grant and Allan found another live one: John S. Oldfield Jr.
  • After much discusion, the "Missing Mates" page has been renamed to "UA Jarheads." Contact the Head Shed if you can think of something better.

Added a Missing Mates page to aid searches.

  • Grant provided some QC inspection to the site and we have corrected entries on the "Memorial" page for Edward Michael "Mike" Flood and Dennis Keith Howe.
  • A serious bug on the map generation was found and fixed so there are now many more brothers shown on the map, including Tom Pottenger in Australia!

More updates from Grant plus site update.
  • Since the last news update (2017-08-07), the following four classmates have been found alive: Robert P. Hansen, George S. Converse, Webster H. Sill III, and William J. "Bill" Maynard.
  • Contact updates: Charles J. "Chuck" Smith and Barry E. "Bud" Jankiewicz.
  • Two classmates never want to be heard from again: Gerald Craig Edgerton and Roland E. Carey, Jr.
  • Site updates: roster status codes (Z added), 2018 reunion plans.

Another update from Grant: Found another brother alive (in Australia): Thomas Pottenger.

More updates from Grant.
  • Michael McKeehen (new e-mail).
  • Name corrections from the Cruise Book: Allen Leach => ALLAN Leach, Norris Henthorn => Norris HENTHORNE, and Walter Sill => WEBSTER Sill.
  • Wives' names added for: Frederick Bobbitt, Joe Doenges, Allan Leach, John McKay, Rob Mitchell, Jim Murray, and Lou Novak.

Grant has continued his success at finding the status of missing brothers.
  • Since the last news update (2017-07-08), the following 17 have been found alive: Thomas E. Barrett; Alex Nikolsky; Charles "Chuck" J. Smith; Allan J. Leach; James "Larry "Jim" Reiersgaard; L. "Doug" Blatt; Robert "Rob" Mitchell; Patrick F. Chorpenning; Frederick M. "Fred" Bobbitt; James V. "Jim" Murray; William Randolph "Randy" Knapp; Richard F. "Rick" Keller, Jr.; Robert Louis "Bob" O'Brien; Thomas S. "Tom" Patton; Peter Isaac Mann; Christopher William "Chris" Brindle; and Roland Ellsworth Carey, Jr.
  • The following has contact data updates: Barry W. Clark.
  • Sadly, the following three have been found to be deceased: Homer Brookshire; Rex Willard Foster, Jr.; and John Edward "Johnny" Luten III.

Grant Smith has been very active lately in finding the status of missing brothers. The following 14 have been found alive: Raymond Bonner; Bill Ackerman; Stephen Agalou; Michael Fisher; Joseph H. "Joe" Doenges; Michael E. Jackson; William F. "Chip" Wilkening, Lt Col (Ret); Robert J. Mack; John P. McCann; Barry W. Clark; John C McKay, Col (Ret); Louis J. "Lou" Novak; and Donald R. "Don" Bishop. Sadly, the following 10 have been found to be deceased: Timothy V. Wright; Robert Joseph "Bo" Hofmann, Jr.; John Gregory Morris; Wayne Edward Putnam; Scott Bruce Buchanan; Ronald F. Valvassori; John Wesley Warren III; Edward Michael Flood; Rodney "Rod" Gregory Masterson, Jr.; Dennis K Howe;

Head Shed just had a TELECON about next reunion to be held in early November 2018. Stand by for more details.

Ed Browder's brother Tom was made an Honorary TBS-12 Brother. The certificate and gifts were presented to Tom at his home by Jim Teixeira on 2015-07-11.

Jim Burke cancelled reunion attendance but added a recent picture. Grant Smith added pictures.

Waite Worden has provided some info on Patrick Wilder's pictues--check them out and join the captioning party.

Al Milton had to cancel attending the reunion. Bill Stubblefield had to cancel attending the reunion due his younger brother's death today.

Added info on cost per person on "Reunion Schedule" page. Added pics from Patrick Wilder.

Final Staturday evening menu on "Reunion Schedule" page. Updated cost information and payment options also on "Reunion Schedule" page.

Estimated per-person cost and payment instructions added to the "Reunion Schedule" page with a short note and link to details on the "Home" page.

Rodney Iacono reported in with contact data. Added pics from Charlie Dundas, Blaine Liljenquist (note his web site on the private roster), and Joe Sloan. Brian Riley submitted pics of Hugh Underhill and James "Tommy" Thompson. Donald Kopec's wife, Barbara, will attend reunion. Added pic of Jack Saunders.

Charles Lowder is not attending.

Added another pic of Danny Hovanesian. Peter Stenner reported in with contact data. Allan Turner provide pictures of himself and others. William Holahan reported in with contact data and will attend the reunion (solo).

Jim Eisiminger is not attending the reunion. Marc Olivera sent new pics of himself and some of Alex Verdici. Added new pics from Danny Hovanesian. Made corrections per msg from Grant Smith: Holiday Inn data for good rates added, Marc Oliveri has moved to Florida. Added retired ranks for: Chuck Barrett, Wayne Rich, Chris Rodatz, Jeffrey Ronald, Peter Tagni (also changed e-mail), Charles Vrooman, Benny White, Ed Zaptin, and James Zucarelli. John Janega's wife will not attend.

Carol Hovanesian provided a picture of Chuck Gang. Marc Oliveri and wife just signed on to attend the reunion (and gave us their telephone numnbers). Marc also provided two new pictures.

Indemnity forms now available on the "Reunion Schedule" page.

Received contact data from: Alex Verducci and Don Austin. Added pics from Danny Hovanesian.

Barry Jankiewicz had to cancel reunion attendance.

Alternate hotel now available for late-comers looking for a good room rate (see home page).

Dan Walden reported in with contact data and may attend the reunion.

Happy birthday brother Ed Browder! Keith Brink's wife will attend the reunion. Jay Harrington has provided contact data and will attend the reunion.

Added e-mail and address for Bob Lamb. Tim Nunan: added e-mail but he is not attending the reunion. Added address and cell for Glenn McWaters (no reunion);

New contact data and reunion attendees: Dick Bankhead (and wife), Jim Eisiminger.

Corrections: Julian Milton's e-mail, Chris Ryan's address, Jackson Saunders' address, GW Smith's phone is mobile, Cecil Turner's e-mail, and add Patrick Wilder's mobile phone.

Contact data from: Hugh T. Underhill (via Brian Riley), Mike Koch ([but no address], via Danny Hovanesian), and Kirk Smith (via Grant Smith).

Proper TBS start and graduation dates added to the "History" page. John Janega and wife Sheila will attend some of the events. Roy Larkin reported in. Roster statistics have been enhanced showing percentages for deceased and unknown. The "Marine Hymn" and bugle calls "Taps" and "Assembly" are added to appropriate pages. (The Marine Hymn is the publicly available version by the Marine Corps Band. Ed says the Commandant's Own Drum and Bugle Corps has a better version, but we haven't found a public copy yet. If you have a better sounding audio file of the Marine Hymn and it is available without restriction, please let us know.)

Found brothers James Zucarelli and Tom Fant. Obama to nominateMarine Commandant General Dunford to be the next Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Last day for special TBS rates at the Quantico Holiday Inn! More wives attend the reunion: John Lively's wife Sue and Bill Nadler's wife Diana. Added pic from Gary Geahos. Sadly, Charles Dundas found another deceased brother: his and Brian Demmings' roommate Jerry L. Devine (d. 2011-01-18)--details are on the "Memorial" page.

Another telephone number added for Larry Schmidt, and attendance confirmed.

New attendee: Larry Schmidt. New contact data: William S. Nadler, Jr. (e-mail).

Newly committed attendees: Chris Ryan, Chuck Barrett (and new contact data), and Daniel Crook (and new contact data). Newly acquired TBS brother contact data for: Wayne Rich, Norbert Josten (more details), and Larry Kingry. Sadly, Grant Smith has found another deceased TBS brother: Frank H. Griffin III (d. 2008-12-31), details are on the "Memorial" page.

Sadly, Grant Smith reported several more deaths: David Alan Garcia (d. 1995-02-15, have details), John R. Gregory (d. 1995-08-01), Robert L. Hanover (d. 1997-10-29, have details) Charles Wexton Holmes (d. 2010-04-23, have details), and Robert A. "Bob" Krahn (d. 2010-06-30, have details). Details are on the "Memorial" page. Jim DuBose and wife, kathy, will be attending the reunion, and we have contact data on him.

Sadly, Grant Smith reported the death of Claud V. Woodard on 1999-05-30. Reunion updates (most due to web master error): Brian Riley's wife will attend, Robert Brooke had to cancel attendance, Mike McKeehen had to cancel attendence, Blaine Liljenquist (and wife) will attend, John Kissane will attend, and Gary Geahos will attend.

Final date for getting special rates at Holiday Inn is 4 May. Got contact data on John Gaynor and Norbert Josten thanks to Danny Hovanesian. Got contact data for Gary Geahos thanks to Don Kopec. Robert Palisay will attend reunion (with wife). Larry Schmidt found by Grant Smith. Cecil Turner reports wife will be attending reunion with him.

Added pics from Mel Prager. Mel is not attending the reunion, with regret.

Barry Jankiewicz was reported to have signed up for the reunion but was not shown as such--that has been corrected.

Now have e-mail for Lynn Lowder. New registration: Chris Rodatz, Robert Gleason, and Thomas Kerrigan (new contact data).

Jackson Saunders and Brian Riley have registered for the reunion. Also registered (with new contact data) is Blaine Liljenquist. Added pics from Waite Worden who also provided a pic of Alexander Verduci. Brian Riley, Danny Hovanesian, and Greg Hayward are now shown on the map.

More registrations and contact data: Jim Burke (both), Chuck Haines (both), John Kissane (data), John Lively (both), Tony Ranizewski (register), and Allan Turner (data, will register).

Sadly we were notified by Grant Smith of the death of Ronnald Stanley Engelbrecht, 1st Platoon, on 1970-12-02. See the "Memorial" page for details. But we also had Donald Kopec register for the reunion with contact details added. (Note that the address and on-map counting algorithm was buggy and has now been fixed so the counts reported on the News have been corrected and are accurate according to our data. An address is counted and shown on the map if we have at least a city and state for a TBS brother.) Note also on the "Roster" page we ahow the per cent of TBS brothers attending (counting total at TBS graduation less known deceased).

Barry Jankiewicz registered for the reunion--contact details added.

Sadly we were notified today by Keith Brink of the death of Roy Doughtery sometime on the 1970's in an aircraft accident. Details were found in one source and may be seen on the "Memorial" page. Bill Stubblefield registered for the reunion--contact details added.

Pics added from Robert Brooke. Current reunion head count: 14 brother6 plus 6 wives = 20. Corrected Homer Brookshire's address to NC instead of VA.

Some new data from General Jack. Added a field for a web site or blog (see 'url:' entry for James Amos in "Private Roster"). Also pictures from Brian Demings and Gene Muenchausen.

The map is fixed! We're looking for a volunteer to be the 2nd Platoon POC for passing out the user name and password and being the all-around contact to help find missing brothers and spread the word.

We now have a new link for registration several places: two on the home page and one in the menu. We also have a link for private access to the full contact database we have. Contact Ed Browder Grant Smith, or Greg Hayward for the user name and password.

Added new pics from Charles Lowder and Ed Browder. Added DOB (date of birth) for those willing to let it be known (e.g., Ed Browder).

Grant Smith sadly found two more deceased brothers: Donald C. Ehrsam and Lloyd L. Lindsey, and more details on two previously known deceased: Jerome P. Steffen, and Donald L. Schussele. But he also found six more brothers alive: Oliveri, Marcantonio J. "Marc"; Page, Robert F., Jr.; Palisay, Robert J.; Rodatz, Christian A.; Ronald, Jeffrey T.; and Saunders, Jackson L.; Be sure and see how the map has expanded!

Grant Smith sadly found two more deceased brothers: Kenneth E. Shipley, Jr. and Daniel F. Lane. But he also found ten brothers alive: Larkin, Roy A.; Ryan, Christopher R.; Seifert, Richard D.; Sloan, Joseph F.; Tagni, Peter C.; Teixeira, Milton J. "Jim"; Troxler, Jerry F.; Vrooman, Charles R.; Wenzell, Richard M.; and White, Benny E. Be sure and see how the map has expanded!

Grant Smith sadly found three deceased brothers: Col (Ret) Terrance L Smith, Col (Ret) James P Terry, and Capt Joshua D Tallentire (killed on active duty). See accounts of their demise on the Memorial page. Details of Capt Tallentire's aircraft accident may be found here.

Found Keith Brink who contibuted five pics. He plans to attend the reunion. He also has contacted Wally Chester and sent him the reunion link. Keith is shown on the map.

A Google map page showing location, name, and platoon of those with address data is ready. See renamed menu item "Nov Co '68 Map."

A Google map page showing location, name, and platoon of those with address data is almost ready.

Found Greg Hayward who contibuted two pics. He plans to attend the reunion. He also sadly reported deceased status of Donald Ehrsam, Lloyd Lindsey, and Robert Page.

Added a poem to KIA page, suggested by Ed B. Added more pics from Brian Riley. Added tentative schedule and menu for the Saturday evening dinner. "Events" page changed to "Reunion Schedule." "Venue" page renamed to "Reunion Venue" and updated to show the hotel selection.

Ed B. just learned of the death of Patrick Murphy. See a link to his online memory book on the "Memorial" page. Note the new, separate "KIA Memorial" page. Updated the "Order of the Day" (see "Home" page) to add a new duty to visit the "KIA Memorial" and "Memorial" pages.

Renamed "Individual Pictures" page to "Rogues' Gallery." Tweaked roster format some more. Added draft platoon guidons to map page for comment.

Renamed "Brothers" page to "Individual Pictures." The roster now has its own menu item, and also shows up-to-date, detailed stats for the entire company.

Brian Riley (4th Platoon) has found us--see the roster (menu item "Brothers").

The new site is now official but open for changes as directed. The full company roster has been uploaded and KIAs noted.

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