2018 Reunion Videos

The following videos should work in all browsers (see the table below for specifically tested combinations known to work). The files may also be downloaded to be used on your local compututer.

Note: These are unedited videos of our reunion, and because they are not edited, the very beginning of Part 1 has a few scenes of James learning to use the camcorder and setting it up at the event. Skip forward to the ceremony and other parts you might want to view.

The videos have been tested with the following configurations. A "Y" in a cell means a successful browser viewing for that combination of operating system and browser.

OS    /    Browser: Chrome Safari Firefox Edge Internet Explorer
Windows 10 Y Y Y Y
iOS 12.1.4 Y Y Y
Debian 9 Y Y

Please report failures to our Webmaster, Tom Browder. Be sure to include detailed information such as operating system and version as in the table. Also report any error message you got and any other details such as:

  1. Did you get a "file not found" message?
  2. Did you get a video player window at all?
  3. If you did get a video window, describe what you saw happen in it.