Order of the Day


The upcoming 47th anniversary of the formation of November Company (1968), TBS, requires a suitable reunion of the members of said unit.


All members of said unit shall form up at the appointed place (TBA: Washington, DC, vicinity) and hour (4-7 June 2015) and a good time shall be had by all.


All members of November Company (1968) shall:

  • check the News regularly to keep informed;
  • complete the data form here and keep the staff informed of changes;
  • attempt to contact at least one fellow member and encourage his attendance at the reunion;
  • visit our KIA Memorial page, visit each Vietnam Memorial page and make an effort to submit photos and rembrances for each;
  • visit our Memorial page and make an effort to submit rembrances for each man; and
  • make every effort to attend the reunion.


See the Contact Us page for responsibilities.


This web site (and the contacts listed herein) shall be the central point for all communications referring to this order. Errors and omissions shall be brought to the attention of the staff.